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About Kuerida

Kuerida, inspired by the Spanish word Querida Querida [kay-ree’-dah] -Darling, fondling lover, sweetheart. My dear, my love, honey, my darling. -Wished, desired, dear, beloved. 


"With each jewellery piece I create, I try and tailor it to the individual, a small treasure for them to call their own little darling."


 My name is Lora Jean and I am the owner and designer of Kuerida - a new way to express yourself through jewellery. With the use of Pearls, Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones, I push to create something unique and sentimental. Jewellery is very personal to an individual and can reflect who you are and what you feel.


Inspire, express, and indulge yourself with Kuerida's unique range of little treasures.


Kuerida Style

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  • 250 Pitt St, Sydney Australia

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