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About us

About Kuerida

"treasures for years to come"

Established in 2005, Kuerida is dedicated to offering accessible, quality jewellery. 


Our founder Lora Jean has always been a sensitive young creative with an eye for detail. 

Passionately driven, she assimilated the knowledge of the industry allowing her to deliver exquisite personal pieces to her clients.

Her vision is to design a range of jewellery featuring gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and precious metals, showcasing one's individuality.

We feel that jewellery is weighted with meaning. The emotions jewellery can create inspires us to make timeless pieces - treasures for years to come.

Lora is one of the most qualified threaders in Sydney, with over a decade in the jewellery industry, many leading retailers are requesting her services.


Kuerida is a proudly Australian owned company. 



250 Pitt Street, Sydney.  


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